Learn Javascript Step By Step – Day 01

Javascript: Javascript is an object-oriented-programming language commonly used to “make webpages alive”.

History: When javascript created, it initially had another name: “LiveScript”. But as it evolved, JavaScript became a fully independent language, with its own specification called ECMAScript.

Modern Javascript can do…
The modern javascript is safe and secure programming language. It does not provide low-level access to memory or CPU’s, because it was initially created for browsers. Modern javascript can do anything related to webpage manipulation interaction with the user and the webserver.

  • Add new HTML to the webpage, change the existing content, modify styles.
  • React to user action like click, key press, pointer movement, mouse clicks.
  • Send request to the remote servers, download and uploads files with the help of AJAX and COMET technologies.
  • Note the data on the client-side or local storage.

What cant javascript in browsers…

  • Javascript is not safe for private data like user payment inforamation and so on.
  • The javascript on a webpage may not read and write from the hard disk there is no option to direct access files.
  • Modern browser allow to work with the files, but the access is limited, a file into a browser window or selecting via an <input> tag.

What make javascript unique:

  • Full integration with HTML/CSS
  • Simple things done simply.
  • Supported by all major browsers and enable by default.

These three things combined only in javascript and no other browser technology.

Code Editors:

A code editor is the place where programmers write code.
Lightweight editors are not as powerful as IDE’s but its fast and simple and elegant for you. You can easily learn here how to programming.

There are some list for Editor:

  • Visual Studio Code ( Free)
  • Atom (Free)
  • Notepad++ (Free)

My Favorite Code Editor:

-Visual Studio Code Editor.

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