How to install angular CLI

To Install Angular CLI you should have installed Node 6.9.0 or higher.

To Check the version that you have on your machine type the following commands in a command window.

node -v (Check For Node Version).
ng -v (Check For Angular CLI Version).

First, we need to download nodejs, click here to download NodeJs.
Download and install after install check your node version command (node -v).

Now the Second step installs Angular CLI just follow this command or check below video link.

– Go to the cmd window and type npm install -g @angular/cli (It will take time to install depending on your Net speed).
– After Install select your project location and type cd your-folder-location/folder-name
– Type command in cmd Window ng new angular-project
– Now wait to install after install type in cmd window cd angular-project
– now you are ready to see project live just type command ng serve –open
– Enjoy angular project setup.

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